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​Bossie Premieres "Shine My Light" Video from 'Princess Sparkly Butt

Bossie (a.k.a. Anne Douris) proved she knows how to have a good time with the delightfully messy fun of her "Meteor" music video, and now she's back with an equally colourful clip for a song that's geared towards a slightly younger crowd. The Toronto-based indie popster contributed "Shine My Light" to the new kids show Princess Sparkly Butt and the Hot Dog Kid, but the video's neon lights and glitz can be enjoyed by viewers of all ages. The camera plays with sparkly accents and silhouettes making for a video that's part Tron, part dance party, and all fun. There's even a guest feature from the TV show's co-creator and star Kimberly Persona. "I'm super jazzed to have collaborated with Kimberly Persona to make this song for Princess Sparkly Butt and the Hot Dog Kid," Douris tells Exclaim! "The show sends an empowering message to young girls that I feel strongly about — that you have the right to choose what kind of life you want to live, and that traditional gender roles can kiss your glittery butt. 'Shine My Light' is about the adventure of figuring out what kind of person you are. Like Princess Kimberly's adventure, it's about exploring the unknown universe and discovering your strengths." Princess Sparkly Butt and the Hot Dog Kid hits Teletoons' YouTube channel tomorrow (March 11), but you can get hyped up for it by watching the video premiere of Bossie's "Shine My Light" below. Beyond that, you can also peep the trailer for the new show. Ahead of her forthcoming debut album, Bossie will also be performing at this year's Canadian Music Week, playing the Silver Dollar in Toronto on April 19.

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