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Fringe Review: The Crazy Space Adventures of Princess Sparkly Butt & The Hot Dog Kid

If your kids laugh at anything that contains the words “butt” or “bottom,” they’ll probably enjoy The Crazy Space Adventures Of Princess Sparkly Butt And The Hot Dog Kid, writer/director Brandon Lane’s goofy tale of a princess (Kimberly Persona) who might be the saviour of her world, Picklebottom Five, threatened by forces living on the planet’s moon.

Add a controlling mother (Jane McClelland), a prince who’d rather be a hot dog (D.J. Edwards) and an insect-like monster who isn’t too scary (Ingrid Hansen) and you’ve got lots of crazy characters.

At this point in its development, the show, which echoes sci-fi serials of the 1940s, is hit and miss, with some broadly comic and sometimes entertaining performances – yes, the princess’s butt does glow – and an intentionally cheesy design. The songs, though, add little to the production.

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